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The Johnson Foundation at Wingspread

Logo_Squares7.jpgKnown as “the invisible crisis,” our nation’s water infrastructure – namely its ancient pipes and outdated systems -- is literally crumbling. OS was charged with broadening the understanding of this crisis and the complex work being done to reverse it by the Johnson Foundation at Wingspread

Over five years, OS developed the platform from which the Foundation became a leading voice on U.S. water issues. In 2012, the Foundation’s program director testified before a Congressional Subcommittee hearing on water infrastructure – which OS captured on video and incorporated into a free iBook. In its last year, the initiative released a series of seven reports outlining the path forward for the country’s water sector, culminating in a comprehensive capstone report, Navigating to New Shores, which was unveiled as a centerpiece at WEFTEC 2014. It was then released widely in Washington, D.C. the following week. In addition to garnering widespread trade and regional press, Navigating to New Shores was also featured in USA Today and Bloomberg.

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