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It’s a small symbol, but + has enormous power

It’s what happens when you look for the improbable instead of just the possible.  It’s about winning in ways that help others win too.  Results+ is our shorthand for finding ways to tackle our most pressing environmental and social challenges while adding real value to our environment, economy, communities and, most importantly, our clients' goals.

Results+ is what happens when a dedicated group of results-focused professionals applies the full breadth of their communications, advocacy and technical skills to solving sustainability challenges.  Big things happen.  That’s the power of Results+

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Clear Vision

Superior Results

Sustainability Focused


Meet our team

Photo: Tad Segal

Tad Segal


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Photo: Elizabeth Curwen

Elizabeth Curwen

Vice President

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Photo: Abby Berger

Abby Berger

Vice President

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Photo: Sam Wineka

Sam Wineka

Account Director

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Photo: Katie Sarro

Katie Sarro

Account Manager

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Photo: Rachel Coyle

Rachel Coyle


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Photo: Ruya Norton

Ruya Norton


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